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2004: A Burbank Odyssey

So I left Burbank sunday night, rode the train back to orange county, went home to see the folks, had class on monday and tuesday, and then finally woke up a few hours ago. My memories aren't too clear about everything that happened over the weekend, this having something, just a little, to do with alcohol. But I'll do my best to give a brief or possibly very long and rambling account of what went on at the 2004 Farscape Convention...

Thursday -
Two words: Thursdays suck. Longest day of the week with four classes and annoying under the best of circumstances. Knowing I'd be at a farscape con that very evening just made things worse. I lay on my bed and found it very hard to leave it for fear of in-class boredom or, god forbid, learning. At 4:30 I finally left by bus for the train station and proceeded to almost kill a bus driver, a mother of four cute little Mexican kids, and myself dodging oncoming traffic in Santa Ana.

But I made it to the train station on time! 2 hours and one replaced locomotive (fu**ing trains) later I arrived in beautiful downtown Burbank.

After playing tag with a few more speeding cars I finally made it into the Hilton and found people at the most logical place: the bar. I met up with o2difor, cupcake, can1, can's friend angie, LordAriusValsheem, and korgg. Oh and I was attacked by kazbaby, who was of course completely sober and docile

The rest of the evening is obscured by Smirnov Ice (not drunk! I'm just so young and tiny that it don't take much) (ok I was drunk) (only a little). I do remember watching cartoon network with cupcake and korgg up in the room, and I may have come across catherinebruce although I wasn't aware it was her at the time and never got around to saying hello to her...damn my shyness!

ok thursday has been way too long, must shift to highlights

Friday -
Hangover fun!

Froon was awesome as always and the making of the PKWars was very funny and cool. Loved David Franklin introducing himself as CAPTAIN Braca and Claudia Black beating the crap out of her pregnant belly (how often can you use those words together in a sentence?)

Hmmmm, John's flightsuit from season 1 has a minimum bid of $5k at the auction but D'Argo's s3 costume goes for 900? Where's the D'Argo love?

Caught the tail end of Bianca (SHE KISSED ME LAST YEAR SHE KISSED ME LAST YEAR!!!!! I'M A DORK!)

Wayne spoke and he was very very cool. glad he was able to make it this year cuz come on...It's Scorpius. He seemed really happy to be there and eager to do more with the character. I take many bad pictures of him that don't come out. fun.

Signal Room concert rocked my socks man. They might not be the best band ever but being there live friday night, all the energy in the room, and ok a helping of Tequila made it great fun.

The rest of the night is again a blur, a happy fun WOOHOO I LOVE EVERYONE blur, but a blur nonetheless. gambit412 joined the gang today and and and I gotta see scorpy808 in her John Crichton coat which was very cool.

Saturday -
Hangover Fun part 2!

Brian Henson: Awesome and very very committed to making movie
David Franklin: Also Awesome...but I can't remember anything specific he said so he'll have to live with just being awesome. Sorry dude.

There was the eating of sandwiches up in o2's room and I learned a very special lesson about myself: I like clam dip

and artificial cheese? way better than real cheese.

I'm sure the fanfic panel was wonderful, but I couldn't hear most of it so I'll just have to go on faith. Although I am very glad someone asked about slash, cuz you can't have a fanfic panel without discussing the beauty and warmth of the John and Scorpius love affair. They're like sonny and cher, except with more brain eating

Gigi Edgely: She of the dancing around and cuteness and fantastic sense of humor. Also the only actress I know of so far that can create believable sexual tension in a scene with an actor who is playing her with incest?


Francesca Buller: Hilarious and cute and small and also somehow a badass

Rounded out the con events for saturday with the talent contest, which was a fun mixture of awesomeness and really really funny stuff. Kazbaby1 rules.

Then there were long island ice teas and more tequila and little red anti-hangover pills which I love like a man loves a woman or his car in lieu of a woman.

also: cupcake met the englishman who would make all her dreams come true

Sunday (finally! damn!)
Rockne O'Bannon: you don't answer questions off index cards dude! just no! but you're still cool
Felicity Price: Much better looking than as a princess, and very funny and entertaining for her first convention

Australians just rule in general, man.

BEN AND CLAUDIA: No good way to describe this except to say that Farscape really has some of the coolest people working on it and its fans are really fucking lucky to have them (also vice versa, cuz you know we cool)

Claudia is a devious vixen, Ben Browder and Michael Shanks must kung-fu fight!, and korgg making fanboy love to both of them at the microphone while Ricky Manning gagged in the audience

good times

ok I've gone on way too long here and i'm getting hung over and tired all over again remembering all this stuff. Just gotta say that was one hell of a weekend and I can't wait till next year.

"They shouldn't have killed D'Argo! They should've killed the fucking baby!"

i'm sorry, that's funny no matter what anyone says

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