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you know it's a monday when...

so I changed the layout of my journal, so it looks either prettier or clunkier now. Boss was out today so I was basically alone at work all today, meaning I had plenty of time to find things to fill the time. Which led to playing with settings and such. I like it for now.

Tomorrow is November 2nd, which is tuesday

it's also election day

VOTE! It matters!

I'll be voting, and I can already tell getting there and voting and getting back to school before my next class is gonna be annoying as hell. But I'm still gonna do it.

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jumping the tropopause

Because i'm still sick almost a week after getting back home, this will be quick and mono-word-obic or however you say that.

Washington D.C.



Pandas in chains

Dupont circle

White House Garden

You're Fired!





Ted Kennedy

Underground Tunnels




Tom Hanks


That was harder than it looked. Next time I'll just write the big damn paragraphs.

oh and I had teh weirdest dream last night, but all I can remember now is: evil girl scouts, trying to stop a train, and being hunted by david copperfield
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I have no words for this

ok, so I've watched it five times and it still hits just as hard with each new viewing. The highs are still incredibly high and the lows like a long-lasting kick to the gut. I was going to try to at least get down some incoherant ramblings on everything I saw in part 2 but every time I try I can't do it. There's just too much to process, too much joy and devastation all mixed up into the damn finest four hours of television and film I've ever seen.

I love stories. Whether they be in the form of books, short stories, tv, film, theatre, whatever, I love a good story with great characters you deeply care about enough to follow them through anything. Farscape is quite simply the best story I've come across and I don't know if I'll ever find something that lives up to it. I hope I don't have to.

There has to be more.

I know that's greedy but I don't care. There's still a story to tell. DK said Farscape is about characters not plots, and as long as one of Moya's crew lives there is still a story. I can't thank him and everyone else who ever had anything to do with Farscape enough for sharing it with us.

...and on a completely unrelated note, there are a bunch of very loud, possibly inebriated guys outside my window screaming "F_CK THE YANKEES" at the top of their lungs.

Life is strange

"Do big things"
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yep, today it's all about FARSCAPE

This has been the longest frelling day of work EVER, save for that time I was chained up by evil space librarians and forced to work 236 hours straight. Oh the labeling and...the barcoding...*shudder*

I've been staring at the clock on my computer every two seconds or so, willing it with all my might to move faster. I can't imagine any Farscape fan out there in the big blue world not having the same problem. After almost two years of waiting, we are at the mid-point of our show's spectacular return and I can very frelling happily say that the wait was worth it. It was impossible not to have incredibly high expectations for the Mini but, as usual in Farscape's great tradition, those expectations were met and exceeded.

I watched part 1 of Peacekeeper Wars three times last night, and even now several hours later my mind has not recovered. So don't be surprised if the rest of this entry is a bit topsy turvy

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ok ok I'll stop for now, too much to think about...must watch part 1 again after work, then all 4 hours together!

Yay! It's Farscape Monday!

I am not obsessed

maybe a little
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(no subject)


THAT WAS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

FARSCAPE IS BACK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(back with coherant thoughts a bit later....ok slightly more coherant thoughts)

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The Day The Earth...well some of it...Stood Still

It's 7:21am and I find myself still exhausted but somehow unable to stay lying in bed for long periods of time. There's this buzz of electrical current running through me, making me fidget and squirm under the insurmountable wave of excitement. After so many months hoping, from the complete devastation of "To Be Continued" to the overwhelming joy of "This Sunday at 9/8c, the Farscape mini-series has finally arrived.

I can still remember sitting at my tv, surfing for something good to watch and coming up on Scifi with it's slew of new shows on the horizon. I remember seeing clips from First Wave, Lexx, and Farscape, thinking 'wow those first two look awesome! Oh and that one with the blue lady and the puppet looks kinda ok too.'

Little did I know that the blady lady, the puppet, and everyone else on Farsape would come to mean so much to so many people. Through Farscape I've met great friends, started to write again, and had the privelage to share in a truly wonderful story. It really is that once in a lifetime show, a one of a kind connection of people and idea that created something so rich, so beyond expectation.

David Kemper said in one of his interviews recently that 'Scapers are like the kid on christmas who hasn't even seen their present this year and already wants to know what they're getting next year.'

I love that. THANK YOU!!!!! to all of you out that never gave up the fight.

The mini isn't going to be enough, even DK, Rockne, and Brian Henson know that. It makes me smile to know that the minute the credits roll on Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars, the scapers will mobilize once again, creator and fan alike. With hope, and a fair shair of stubbornness, we'll get what we want.

Like DK says, as long as Crichton or any of Moya's crew still lives somewhere in the Uncharted Territories, there is still a story to tell. The mini is a climax, not THE climax. You bet your blue ass it's not

10 more hours and I'm rambling...back to sleep
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"I twinned you...two D'Argos....equal and original"

equal and original my ass!

I thought the roommate was some sort of pestilence sent from hell to torture me, but there is something far more sinister afoot...

Out of some deep dark twisted pit, a horrible evil has been forged and let loose upon this earth. The soil trembles, the seas boil, and somewhere in the densest jungles of south america...dogs and cats are living together...

I have an evil twin!

even worse...

I have two evil twins!!!!

Two other males, no doubt with twirling moustaches and over-the-top laughs, exist at my school with my very same name, and one of them is some sort of juvenile delinquent. Imagine my surprise when I was called in by the dean of students (also vice-president of the university) to explain my despicable crimes against humanity, only to discover that some treacherous fiend is plotting against me!

The Universe trembles...

oh and Fractures was on the scifi Farscape countdown today, what a great ep.

"We choose our own path, this one is mine..." cue the dramatic music

5 more days!!!!!!!
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Ohh, for God's sake! He's got an arm off!

when you absolutely, positively have to offend every person in the room...

watch Team America: World Police!

that is some f*cked up, hilarious movie-making

oh and watch Shaun of the Dead too, just cuz it's really damn funny

oh and agent_rouka and catherinebruce...

you're gonna pay for laughing at me! I'm gonna...I'm gonna...I'm gonna pout ;_;
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